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How to care for your cat in inclement weather?

Severe weather such as thunderstorms and hurricanes, can be hard on your furry friend, here is how to best care for them during such inclement weather

Most humans feel uncomfortable during inclement weather. These feelings are not limited only to people but also to pets, including cats. Like many other animals, cats have a sixth sense for upcoming natural disasters including severe weather, earthquakes and more. However, being able to sense disaster before it hits, is in no way a guarantee that you feline friend will remain calm, well fed and secure. With today’s weather forecast capabilities, cat owners may have several days or even a full week before a major hurricane makes landfall giving them plenty of time to prepare for severe weather for themselves and for their cats.

How to best prepare yourself and your cat for inclement weather?

There are several ways to make sure your cat stays calm, happy and secure during a storm which will save both owner and pet some serious grief. Here are the top ways to prepare for severe weather:

Just avoid it!

This may seem like a “no-brainer” but the best thing a cat owner can do in the wake of a hurricane or a severe storm is to simply get out of its way. If possible pack up your belongings, and some familiar items your cat loves including their litter box, food bowels, and toys. Make sure you transport your cat in a secure transport bag/cage that is adequate to their size! More often than not, cats from large breeds will outgrow their initial carrier (A good source for for feline carriers of all sizes can be found here). Once you’ve arrived at your new location, make sure to unpack all the items your cat needs, introduce your cat to the new location of the litter box, food and water bowels and make sure you give them some yummy treats to soothe and comfort them. Remember, it may take up to a week for a cat to adjust to a new environment so give them some space.

If you can’t avoid it, prepare for it!

It is not always possible to leave our home in the face of a severe storm. In that case, it is important to prepare adequately for the coming storm by taking straight forward, simple, but critical measures:

Ensure your cat is microchipped or at least has a collar with their name and ID- One of the most devastating effects of inclement weather is losing your cat. Many cats stress and freak out and will use every opportunity to run away in an attempt to seek shelter somewhere else. In many cases, lost cats will find their way back home as soon as the storm is over, but many are lost forever. You must ensure there is an identification measure on your cat that will allow shelters or good Samaritans to return your lost friend safely.

Keep them above water! As most of us know, nearly all cats dislike water and will make every effort to avoid it. In both terrestrial rains, hurricanes and t-storms flooding may occur. To prepare for flooding you must keep you cat indoor (on the 2nd floor if you have one), keep a supply of freshwater, food, litter box and medications safe and dry. Make so to keep your “emergency” bag ready and that it includes food and water supply for your cat for at least 2-5 days. Have that cat carrier ready to go!

Cats are hardy animals, and don’t really need us humans to survive. That’s good news as most cats are likely to survive harsh conditions such as t-storms, hurricanes, and floods. Nevertheless, as their best friends and guardians, we must take simple but crucial measure to keep them safe at all times! Keep safe and stay dry, your cat will thank you later!

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