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  • Hundreds of cats tested so far!

  • Test at home, no need to visit a vet!


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  • Easy to understand report with every test​​! Click here for a mock report. 

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Our cat-lovers testimonials​

"I really wanted to confirm that Chocolate was positive for FeLV...thank you for running the test." Ella 


"Collecting the sample was so easy, I am so glad my cat didn't have to get their blood drawn" Sara

"Getting out of to the vet is hard for me, you guys were lifesavers!" Eve

"I will be testing my other cats using your kit..." Sue

"I love feral cats, now I can test them for FeLV quickly and easily" John


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Our Lab

Our laboratory uses state-of-the-art molecular PCR testing with enhanced sensitivity and accuracy as compared to the current protein-based technology. With more than 10 years of biomarker and laboratory testing, CatDX is an expert in pet diagnosis from non-invasive biological specimens such as saliva, skin cells, hair, and fecal matter. CatDX is part of the PetDX family offering a wide array of accurate and affordable testing for pets, farm animals, and wildlife. 




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