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The Importance of Preventive Healthcare for Cats

Pets are close to the hearts of their owners. They are a part of the family and you would do everything in your power to keep them safe and healthy.

Disease prevention is an important part of your cat’s life. It’s always better to take preventative measure than treating disease. Unlike us, cats aren’t able to communicate exactly how they feel, which means it’s up to you to keep them healthy by staying on the lookout for the slightest change.

Improved quality of life

There are a number of conditions and diseases cats can suffer from silently. This not only affects their quality of life, but greatly diminishes their lifespan too. Preventative care for pets, ensures they are living the best quality of life possible. Medical issues can be treated immediately and your cat can recover sooner and live their best life.

Diseases are detected early on

Ignoring medical conditions till the symptoms get worse is never a great decision, especially when it comes to your cat. Having them assessed regularly by a professional helps in the early detection of medical conditions. Note down any unusual behavior from your cat too and let your vet know, these behavioral changes can be added to their list of symptoms, allowing a more accurate diagnosis.

You might be asked to run some tests as well to rule out certain conditions. Don’t brush these tests aside as they can save your cat’s life.

Prevents pain and suffering

Regular preventative care for your cat also ensures they don’t bear too much pain and suffering. This not only affects their quality of life, but also affects their behavior. Getting them the right treatment ensures their pain and symptoms are managed as best possible.

Reduced expenses

While your cat’s life is priceless and most pet owners will go to any length to ensure their pets are healthy again, preventative healthcare also reduces treatment expenses. Early detection allows professionals to manage symptoms and treat the condition in its early stages which can be cheaper in comparison.

Health issues that arise in cats

While some medical issues are minor and can be taken care of easily, cats are susceptible to certain more serious conditions.

FeLV: Feline Leukemia Virus is one of the leading causes of death amongst cats. However, advancements in health care for felines have led to more effective treatments being developed for this condition, giving cats a better chance of survival.

FIV: Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is similar to what we know as HIV. This condition compromises a cat’s immune system, leaving them susceptible to diseases which healthy cats can fight off.

If you suspect your cat has contracted a virus or developed a condition, speak with your vet. Have tests done at CatDX. We provide affordable pet test kits that consist of saliva swabs. We provide FeLV and FIV test kits on our website.

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